Zikali realizes the original music of STEEP, video game of extreme sports having for framework the Alps, taking place in a huge open world, developed by Ubisoft Annecy.

The musical artistic direction consists of the encounter between a post-rock formation (drums, bass, guitars, synths), to which is added an orchestral dimension (strings, brass) and a set of original instruments (hang drum, duduk) that define the sound identity of the project.

Three contrasting colors to represent risk-taking, adrenaline, self-transcendence, action on the one hand; The immensity and strength of nature; As well as the personification of the mountain on the other hand.

The energy of the rider is represented by a modern and electric sound associated with the action; And the orchestra characterizes the different places (summits, narrow corridor or wide spaces) by the variety of its modes of play, bringing a strong emotional dimension.

The sound identity, by the way, is found throughout the soundtrack, by the use of the hang drum to which we wanted to give an important role because of its cool and captivating sounds; But also by the duduk (Armenian flute with hip) which possesses a special faculty of expressivity because of its proximity to the human voice, and invites to escape. The singing and harmonic glasses of strings complete this workforce.

Our intervention
Dynamic Original Music 19x4mn