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Working with the Zikali collective means gaining access to a vast range of musical aesthetics, bringing your projects to life. But above all, it offers the unique opportunity of creating an absolutely original universe of sound, a musical identity tailored to convey your values and tell your “story “.

We consider music to be at the heart of each and every audiovisual creation, as an essential vector of meaning and emotion.



It is with a concern for uniqueness that we give special importance to the research phase.

We search for specific tones, colours, sensations and movements that, combined, will reinforce the images and give them depth.

We know how difficult it can be to find words to fit the world of sound, so we consider it our responsibility to find musical means to convey whatever emotions you feel adequate for your projects.



From preliminary research, definition of the sound identity, writing and composition, orchestration, sound design, through to studio recordings, mixing and mastering, we fully manage all the key stages of our work, and this guarantees a top quality result.



Our team of four sound designers / composers also collaborates closely with many first class professional instrumentalists, providing that fine-tuned expressivity that will give vibrancy to your projects.

Working with the collective Zikali implies getting involved in an innovating and creative artistic process chiselled to fit your needs!


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